5 Types of Art Jammers

1. The all for one, One for all – Family

Families come to our studio. Daddy, mommy and children paint together.
Children Art Class

Children Art Class

Making art while bonding.

Children Art Class

Everyone contributes a part into the work.

We hear the contagious laughter of the children in the studio.


2. The Cool Kids

Youths who do things for the gram and stories. Us youths need content to post on social media, Art Jamming is the perfect content to post! Here are some things you can do: process video, process photo, final work photo with friend(s) and boomerang of you showing off your work!
#muzart #artjamming


3. The One (WE LOVE)

These are the group of people who makes our jobs so much easier! They clean their brushes, water bucket after using and they only take the paint they need. “Where can I wash this? Where is the toilet?” They would ask us. Thank you for helping us with the cleanliness of the studio as well as not waste paint! 🙂

4. “Lost Friends”

We do have friends who claim to not know anything about art hor……. But they can actually paint quite well! When they come, they’re so nervous, the first thing they say is “I cannot paint lah, I never paint before…” But at the end of the session, they do a pretty good job!

If you are not very confident, you can opt for a smaller canvas or pick a more manageable painting.


5. The freshmen

They are unsure of what to do…
But it’s okay, here are some tips:
– Prime your canvas with white paint.
– If the painting has a background, paint the background color first, it’s the base layer. Always start with base layer.
– If you want to do blending, colour the base color first, before that paint dries, paint in the next color so the we paint can blend nicely together.
– When you make a mistake and want to cover up, always make sure the paint is dry before you use another color to cover up or you will just end up mixing the colors.




But please do make advance bookings with us before coming!
Art jamming sessions are 3hours each
Weekdays: 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm, 6pm – 9pm
Weekend: 9am – 12pm, 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm
Pssssssssssst, we have a free flow of snacks and drinks!

Besides Art Jamming, we also have Art Lessons for Children.

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