Best Enrichment Classes – How to pick the right one

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How to pick the best enrichment classes in Singapore?

Enrolling in enrichment classes is a growing trend in Singapore and has been proven beneficial in improving a child’s mental, physical, emotional, and psychological development. However, many parents are still very sceptical and careful about choosing the right enrichment programme for their children. So then, how does one determine whether an enrichment course is truly effective for kid’s life skills?

Here are some pointers on how to choose the best enrichment programme for your child.

1. Caring and Dedicated Teachers

Aside from just having the knowledge and skills to take on certain subjects, teachers must genuinely care for the students and be wholly invested in the child’s development and welfare. With that, the teachers will be able to create a safe and comfortable learning environment where the students can not only improve the skills the course teaches, but also improve personal traits like confidence and communication.

2. Positive Reinforcements

Parents should pick an enrichment centre where positive reinforcements are practiced. To build a child’s character and improve behavior, positive reinforcements should be enforced to encourage children to act accordingly and reward them for it. With the promise of rewards and praise, they will try their best to perform well in work and in behavior, and by doing so, it will become a subconscious habit to always act this way. For example, if the student has shown great respect for teachers and peers, they will be rewarded with a small gift. The reward system will motivate children to do their very best every time they are in class.

3. Conducive Environment

Aside from great teachers and teaching systems, a conducive environment is essential to a child’s learning experience. An appropriately spacious classroom with proper equipment and facilities will ensure the optimal learning journey for the student. Additionally, the class itself also affects the student’s experience. A class with too many students may be too noisy and hard to control. Therefore, teachers might not be able to give the students ample attention. Parents should be aware of the teacher to student ratio to ensure an optimal environment for the enrichment classes for toddlers.

4. Maintaining Good Communication and Relations with Students

Maintaining great communication with students not only ensures effective teaching but it also improves the students’ communication and social skills. It also allows for students to feel comfortable enough to provide some form of feedback, which is important in maintaining a certain standard in the course or even improving it.

5. Maintaining Good Communication and Relations with Parents

Other than engagement with students, teachers must also maintain constant engagement with the parents. Parents above all want to see that their children are improving in the respective skills and are enjoying themselves, so it is very important to communicate with the parents and constantly update them on the child’s progress. As mentioned before, with effective communication and good relations, the other party will feel comfortable enough to share any concerns or feedback they have about the classes which are useful for the growth of the facility and standard of future classes.

6. Enjoyable Learning Experience

Above all, children learn best when they can enjoy the classes and be fully engaged in the learning process. Since enrichment courses are additional classes outside of their academics, they should not be put under any more stress than what they are already exposed to. Instead, they should find the enrichment programme a pleasant addition to their schedules. They will find the classes to be less of a chore and will constantly look forward to the classes, resulting in an increase of interest and motivation in the respective area of study, for example, music or art classes.



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