EOA – Lines



Types of lines:

Straight line: Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Diagonal Line

Curved line

Muzart Art Work

Jagged line

Line can be used to suggest:


Muzart Art Work


Muzart Art Work

Structure , Emotions

There is a triangular structure in the painting. However, this is a triangle that seems to be toppling over as it looses its center of gravity. This unstable triangle creates a sense of impending doom and is probably a reflection of uneasiness and fear the people in the painting are feeling.


Rhythm, Movement, Depth, Distance

These yellow lines are called leading lines. Leading lines create a sense of depth as well as to bring a sense of movement from one point to the other.

Muzart Art Work

The black lines in this case are leading lines too. It leads the eyes from the sides of the image to the 1/3 left of image where the lines are most concentrated.  These leading lines could also lead the eye movement outwards, from the 1/3 left to the edges of the image. As sense of visual rhythm is created through the diverging and converging spacing between each curved lines.


Vocabulary & Phrases

Leading Lines… converge to … vanishing point (s)

… creates a sense of depth…

….creates a sense of movement…

…repetition of movement suggests rhythm…


Triangular/ Pyramid structure…

… suggests stability (if triangle’s base is parallel to the ground)…

… reflects the instability  (if triangle is toppling over) …



Let us now analyse a famous painting using what we have learnt.

Wheat Field with – Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh paints in short strokes, layering curved lines over onto one another. Van Gogh reduces everything into lines. The different directions of lines of the wheat creates a visual a sense of movement as the wheat swayed in the wind.  The grass, two green curved lines in the center of the painting, converges to one vanishing point. This creates a sense of depth, suggesting the endless amount wheat in the vast wheat field. This painting gives of a sense of emptiness and uncertainty as the vanishing point  seems so far away.

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