Foundation Art 1

Helping children develop a clear understanding of curves and horizontal lines, we help them learn how to put their imagination into paper in this art class level for kids. Witness them create magic with their imagination that knows no boundaries and is always up for some adventure in our foundation art class level 1

– Feelings expression
– Curve drawing
– Overlapping Skills
– 4-5 colours
– Composition
– Subject drawing
– Horizontal line skills

Foundation Art 2

Enhancing the physical observation and drawing skills, Children attempt to draw and paint from memory in this level. We also channelize 4W1H Essay writing within our art classes at this stage foundation art class level 2

– Mind-mapping
– Draft and plan
– Enhance essay writing with Art
– Physical Observation
– Memory drawing and painting
– 5-6 colours

Foundation Art 3

This is one of the most versatile levels where children continue to be the expert of their own painting. Children will understand the value of focus and dedication as they continue to explore and expand their art skills foundation art class level 3

– Origami skills
– Painting scratching technique
– Zentangle Technique
– 6-7 colours
– Painting analysis
– Story painting
– Lighting techniques