Owning a MUZART® license allows you to be a part of one of Asia’s leading art education business. Since 2009, the MUZART® brand and art education business have grown by leaps and bounds, growing beyond expectations.


Operational Support
Our Development and Operations team will guide you in the students’ enrolment, administration and operation of the centre. A detailed manual will be provided to assist you in the daily operations of MUZART®.
Comprehensive Training and Development
All MUZART® educators will receive comprehensive training conducted by our experienced trainers.
Quality Teaching Materials, Tools and Equipment
Innovative and creative learning programmes have been carefully designed by a special team of experienced educationists. Materials are original and have gained International recognition.
Assistance in Advertisement and Marketing
As an ART EDUCATOR, MUZART® offers support in the business by assisting in a wide range of marketing and promotional activities such as newspaper/magazine advertisements, SMS broadcasts, TV commercials, exhibitions, kids’ events, online promotions and many other relevant public relations activities.
Tested and Proven Effective Methodology®
MUZART® Creative Methodology is a wonderful breakthrough in art education for the 21st century. The programme is based on a teaching approach that has captivated hundreds of thousands of children.

1. Established brand name since 2009
2. More than 16 Licensing Business partners in Asia
3. Over 10,000 students globally benefit from our programme.
4. Outstanding Achievements & Winner of Numerous Awards including the Asia Pacific Brand Award.
5. About 20% of overseas Business partner have ventured into 2nd outlet