How Much Do You Know About Colours?

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Primary Colours

There are only three primary colours. They are:




You cannot mix any color to get these colours because they are the most basic colour.


Secondary Colours

Secondary colours are made of 2 different primary colours. Here are the combinations:

Red + Blue = Purple

Blue + Yellow = Green

Yellow + Red = Orange

Depending on the ratio of each primary color, the tones of the secondary color may differ.



Getting the Colour  (Tertiary Colour)

Did you know that there are different colour combinations to get some colours?

Take purple as an example, brown can be obtained through mixing yellow and purplered and green or blue and orange. Interestingly, they are contrasting colours.


Complementary Colours

Complementary colors are opposite colors on a color wheel, the contrast between the colours looks very striking and sometimes, intense.

The contrasting color of

blue is orange

green is red

yellow is purple

so on….



A rainbow is made of 7 colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet


When all colours of a rainbow are mixed together in paint, the colour obtained would likely be brown or black.

However, When you paint them on a top and spin it, the colour you see would be white!

Fun Art Activity

Get a piece of paper plate, divide the circle surface into 7 triangular (preferably equal) portions and paint in the color of the rainbow in order.
Poke a chopstick in the center of the plate.
Spin in like a top.
Observe the colour you see while the top is spinning at its fastest speed.



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