Intermediate Art 1

Creativity evolves with freedom. Hence, in this level of our art class, children explore collage creation, special effects drawing skills and color mixing methods using a plethora of colour schemes.

– Spacing Control
– Lighting and shadowing
– Strong water colour techniques
– Creativity challenge
– Collage creation

Intermediate Art 2

Letting go of apprehensions, children adopt a whole new approach towards understanding art and colours in this level. Using various water colors and outline techniques through finger paintings, they will be able to define their own art in intermediate art class level 2.

– Problem solving
– Concentrated water colour techniques
– Style discovery
– Finger painting effects

Intermediate Art 3

As children learn to explore the depths of colours, they gain expertise in colour mixing methods and schemes, often with fabulous results. They learn thick and paint stack skills, painting of various cartoon characters and understand pastel effects in intermediate art class level 3.

– Thick and Stack skills
– Comic action figures
– Pastel effects
– Master Imitation technique
– Freestyle imagination
– Pastel effects