International Drawing Competition

MuzArt International Drawing Competition

MuzArt, more than just an art centre, conducts competitions yearly to unleash not only the artistic ability of their MuzAtist but also their confidence and competitiveness. Our biggest and highly anticipated competition is the International Drawing competition. This competition is open to all of their MuzArtists in Singapore. Entries of the international drawing competition will be exhibited in France. They aim to help children to be more confident and give them the chance to expand their creativity by allowing them to showcase their talent to a global level.

This year’s International Drawing Competition started last July and the submission of entries ended last August. The venue was in all MuzArt Centre all over Singapore. Many participated in the competition. All entries submitted are great and commendable.

The judging period was long enough for the judges to choose the best among the best. The results were released today. We are delighted that two of our students, Rachel and Jun Hao, got a platinum award for achieving the top 1% of the whole competition.


Platinum Awardees

Peace Through Acceptance

Peace is where all races communicate with each other. I created characters instead of humans to show ambiguity towards the human race. What I wishes to portray is the different characters from different races playing and communicating with each other through their own language yet they still understand each other and interact with each other.”


Many Differences Under One Tree

I chose to do this artwork because I believe trees are important because of what they give us, things that we use on a daily basis. Like humans, I think we should cherish the idea of embracing our similarities through our differences.”

Jun Hao

Gold Awardees

Happeace Friends

“World peace means that there is no fighting between people. Everybody plays together and be happy. So Dexin not only plays with his Chinese friends, but other races of friends as well. On a day with a clear sky, they split into two teams and play basketball together at a basketball court in Bukit Gombak.”


Peace Lotus

“I picked a galaxy background as we wish to be united wherever we are, even out of Earth. The dove represents freedom. Each colour on the Earth represents the individual colours found on flags. With the peace sign, it represents my desire for all countries to be together. The lotus around it signifies blooming as one and the stars each represent hope of many people for world peace.”

– Toh Jia Yi

Peace Should Be Simple

“Kindness leads to peace. When one is sad, a simple act of kindness like sharing a lollipop can brighten one’s day. During happy occasions, gifting of a lollipop can serve as a positive encouragement or acknowledgement of shared joyful memories. Sorrow shared is sorrow halved; happiness shared is happiness doubled.”

Evelyn Rose


“World Peace starts with having a happy family, always sharing and never fighting. Everyone is smiley!”

Emmett Kao Sheng Jia

The Art of Sharing

“We share for Love and Peace. Regardless of race, religion or gender, the more we share, the more we see love among everyone and hence sustaining peace. Sharing is easy, to love is simple and to create peace is a hope in every single human’s heart.”

Mae Goh

Silver Awardees

Love Earth

“World peace means we do not fight, so we can protect the Earth and everybody that are living on Earth. The hug is a heart shape because we hug the Earth to show love to everybody and be together as one. By using bright colours background with white sparkles, it gives out positive vibes.”

Kai Xin

Love Peace

“World peace means that there are no wars between countries on Earth. There are no fighting and everybody loves one another, so there are many loves all over the world. Everybody would be kind to each other, whereby they will shake hands to show their friendliness. In order to show peacefulness, green colour is chosen as the background colour to have a calming feel.”


Making a Different World

“Helping people not just about donate the toys and books, it is about giving your love to the people who needed. We can donate our watch but it is better to donate our time. It is good to donate our money but it is better to donate our love. It makes a difference.”

Shi Yi

Sushi Races

“Sushi are different. There are many colours. For example, yellow, white, orange and red. Some are bright in colours and some are in darker colours but they still can be good friends.”

Kwa Jia Hao

Happy Harmony Party

“A place where monsters, human and scientists party together. There is no violence and only dancing together under the disco ball all through the night. Together with a Music DJ, break-dancer, minion tree, robot dogs and funky coloured trees, we can form a harmony party!”

Kyler Kao Sheng Wei

These MuzArtists didn’t just come up with a superb artwork but also with great stories, themes, and inspirations behind it which made them bag silver, gold, and platinum awards.

It was indeed fulfilling to see how creative and imaginative children can be if you give them the right avenue and environment to be at their best.

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