Junior Art 1

Give your child the perfect head start towards concentration development, hand eye coordination and line control skills in our junior level 1 art class.

– Cultivate Concentration
– Improve focus and behavior
– Patience
– Hand-eye coordination
– Brain Development
– 1-3 colours

Junior Art 2

Witness the enhanced observation skills, subsequent understanding of colour diversification and developed understanding between dark and light colours in your child in our junior level 2 art class.

– Observation skill
– Colour Diversification
– Dark and light colours
– Problem solving skills

Junior Art 3

Watch your child express their thoughts and imagination as they learn to adopt new art methods such as craft implementation, drawing techniques and color mixing skills in our junior level 3 art class.

– Basic drawing skills
– Inspire their imagination
– Colour matching and methodology
– Proper use of scissors
– Silhouette
– Collage Painting
– Anthropomorphic Painting
– Enhance confidence
– 3-4 colours