MuzArt’s Annual Donation Activity to MINDS

MuzArt, aside from being an advocate of arts, is also dedicated to serving and helping those in need. They believe that teaching children how to give is as important as academic learning. They want to teach the essence of giving to their young MuzArtists by leading and by being a role model to them. In some of their charity works, they always find ways on how they can make their MuzArtists participate. They also believe in domino effect, that when you help and other people see it they are far more likely to follow and commit acts of kindness themselves. One act of kindness can create a whole cycle of uplifting change. Positivity breeds positivity.

One of MuzArt’s Charities is MINDS or Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore. It is a non-governmental organization that caters to the needs of persons with intellectual disabilities in Singapore. It started last year, and it became an annual activity for them.



MuzArt will continually do this annual activity to be able to paint a smile to their chosen charity.

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