MuzArt’s Merry Merry Christmas

Christmas is known as the season of love, happiness, and giving. It is the time where billions of people all over the world get together to celebrate, eat, exchange gifts, and share laughter.


MuzArt celebrated this year’s Christmas with a ton of activities they offered for their MuzArtists. They had a simple yet fun puzzle game. Students put together pieces of a Christmas tree and they made sure that it resembles the picture shown to them. 

They also played a Christmas-themed charades game to test the students’ ability to think fast and find the most efficient method of relaying information to their friends. Students had fun guessing Christmas-related questions.

Lastly, the students designed their soap and its packaging. Excitement and amusement were written on their faces when they unveiled their final products. 

It was indeed a fun and creative way of celebrating Christmas with the little MuzAtists and the MuzArt family. Everyone had a blast!

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