Kidzania has been an activity partner of MuzArt since 2017.  They have partnered in conducting many fun and exciting activities like:

  • MuzArt @ Kidzania: Kids & Craft
  • Kidzania Kids & Zoology
  • MuzArt @ Kidzania: Spooky Town
  • MuzArt @ Kidzania camp: Mad about Tech
  • MuzArt @ Kidzania 2018
  • I Am A Muz-Architect Competition

NTUC Health SilverAce is a centre for vulnerable elderly in lower-income neighbourhoods that promote active ageing and wellness. They aim is to encourage the elderly to remain engaged in the community. They partnered with MuzArt since 2018 and conducted a lot of activities.


Projects together:

  • Inter generation workshop
  • Artwork for Save the Environment Exhibition
  • Tote bag workshop
  • Save the Environment Art for Exhibition

Play-doh has been delivering the best quality modelling clay that’s used by young children for arts and crafts projects. Recently, they partnered with MuzArt and they already conducted several activities together. Some of their activities were:

  •  MuzArt @ Kidsworld Carnival (expo)
  •  MuzArt @ Marina Square

NLB in Singapore invited MuzArt for exhibits several times already. They also partnered in conducting different activities like:


  • MuzArt at Marine Parade National Library
  • MuzArt Bukit Timah Exhibit

MuzArt has been conducting christmas charity workshop for the patients of NTFG since 2017. These are: 

  • A MuzArt Christmas
  • Art Jam

MuzArt partnered with NEA and conducted different activities like the Our Hawker Artist activity which was organized by MuzArt.

MuzArt always participate in conducting activities in Nparks. They had Messy Market and Art Jamming activities in the past. Some of their projects together:

  • MuzArt Messy Market – NParks Parks Festival
  • Art Jam and Crafts event with NParks Weekends in the Park

SKM partnered with MuzArt and conducted a series of activities. One of it was:

  • MuzArt x SKM

MuzArt partnered with Passion Arts. They became a Passion Arts activity booth sponsor.

Mummys Market is also a partner of MuzArt. They invited MuzArt in an expo event, Kids World Carnival.

Kiasu Parents is also a partner of MuzArt. MuzArt contribute articles in Kiasu Parents Forum.

SHINE Children and Youth Services has recently became a new MuzArt partner.

Pentel has recently became a new MuzArt partner.

bridge learning has recently became a new MuzArt partner.