Arts and Crafts

Folding Surprise Activity

An easy and simple folding game that brings the picture to life! We challenge you to colour and design your own Easter Bunny Surprise Activity and test your creativity!

Cactus Craft Activity

Growing your own cactus has never been this easy! Try out this simple art and crafts activity and design your own cactus! Simply cut out the shape of cactus and have them overlap each other in an β€˜X’ position by cutting a line vertically; from the bottom to the centre of the cactus.

Learn and observe from cactus 🌡

🌟 Be Tough!
🌟 Conserve your energy when you have to take a break!
🌟 Absorb all of the positivity that surrounds you
🌟 Have good friends and family to provide support and hold you up!
🌟 Learn & Relearn
🌟 Don’t be afraid to be different

Family Tree Activity

Take some time to think about your family members! Challenge yourself and explore your family history, it is so cool to know your roots and how you came to be!

DIY Craft Paper Bag

Craft your own paper bag that you can use to store pens and other small items! Fun and simple to make, and very cute to look at!

D.I.Y Stylish Glasses Activity

Fun and easy to make! Print, cut out and decorate these fun-shaped eyeglasses. This versatile craft would be a great project for summer, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or when you simply want to make a fun and easy wearable craft.