Spot The Difference Activity

We are providing fun and engaging activities over on our website to bring you free and exciting games to play and solve! Follow Mr Muz on his wild adventure as he revisits the world in his colouring book, but things appeared to be different than before!

Simply right click on the activity and click “Save image as..” to download a copy to your computer!

Word Hunt Activity

How observant are you? Test your observation skills by finding all the words in the list hidden in the pile of letters! Challenge yourself by solving this within 9 minutes 😁Comment below to share with us your best timing!

🌟 Beginner – 15 minutes
🌟 Expert – 9 minutes

Hide-and-Seek Activity

Mr Muz has gone into hiding.. and there are so many of them? Help me find out how many Mr Muz are hidden in the picture!

I SPY Activity

“I spy with my little eye.. something that starts with..” Develop your sense of perception and observation! Can you count the number of each object in the picture?