Wishing All Moms!

Every year the whole world joins in the celebration of Mother’s day.

A special day to honor all mothers worldwide, in whatever age, life, race, and creed. Every mother deserves an acknowledgment for their exceptional love and hard work for their families.

 In MuzArt  Singapore, we don’t miss this kind of celebration because we genuinely admire mothers who carried us all to see the beauty of this world. Our dedicated team aims to help our MuzArtists to express their love and gratitude towards their moms by asking them to create papercraft flowers as a creative present. 

To make Mother’s Day even more unique, MuzArt Singapore also launched a special art workshop featuring Resin Coaster creation designed for mothers and family. Indeed, mothers had a wonderful time making their piece of Resin Coaster alongside their personal touch and fun experience.  

Finally, before the activity ends, the MuzArt team gave away some  home-baked cookies to all moms of our MuzArtists. It is of great honor for us to be part of this special occasion. We are looking forward to more fun and exciting events like this with our dear MuzArtists. Again, salute to all moms out there; Happy Mothers’ Day!

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